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Video Resources


Chimamanda Adichie:

The Danger of A Single Story



Black in Canada

Chris Abani:

The Stories of Africa

Dr Naila Keletta Mae:

Imagine and Do

Teresa H Clarke

Bridging the Diaspora Divide


Jill Scott

The National Museum of African Art

MA'AFA Part 1

***Henry Louis Gates Jr ****

African American Lives-Part 1

Tracing roots

Mmatshilo Motsei

To Remember Africas true Greatness

Saki Mafundikwa

Ingenuity and Elegance in ancient African alphabets

***Henry Louis Gates Jr***

African American Lives- Part 2

Tracing roots

Jon Stewart vs Bill O'Reilly

Interview over White Privelege

BBC Lost Kingdoms of Africa :


BBC Lost Kingdoms of Africa:

Great Zimbabwe

BBC Lost Kingdoms of Africa:

West Africa

Kingdoms of Africa:

The Zulu Kingdom

Ubuntu-I am because we are

Trauma and resilience

Two Canadas: My story of generosity and systemic racism | Honourable Ahmed Hussen | TEDxToronto

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