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To be able to access our private workshops, we ask that you or your organization become a member of The African Diaspora Theater Guild. 




The African Diaspora Theater Guild depends on members like you to help us to produce great theatre. Support like yours helps build helps to create new plays and helps us bring arts based training to those face barriers to participation.


The African Diaspora Theatre Guild helps children, organizations and individuals develop self-confidence, creativity, positive ways of expressing thoughts and feelings, problem-solving and social skills – the skills needed to succeed in life. We cover a variety of topics related to social justice and are happy to tailor our content to your needs so that together, we can continue to engage the community in the creative power of the arts. The African Diaspora Theater Guild provides its members with top-quality resources, training, networking, and support.  Our Membership services are for professionals and non-professionals alike, both the emerging and the experienced, in the theatre community.  Benefits include career resources, training, financial support, and marketing and networking opportunities.



Individual Membership- $15.00 a year
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Organization Membership-$ 40 a year

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Student Membership- $10.00 a year
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